Asteroid and A2B Internet announce partnership Amsterdam

Asteroid and A2B Internet announce partnership in Amsterdam

Asteroid continues to build key partnerships in Amsterdam

Asteroid International, the interconnection platform innovator, announced today that they are entering into a key partnership with A2B Internet, a highly respected ISP in the Dutch Internet industry.

Asteroid operates the game-changing Asteroid Internet exchange point (IXP) in the Amsterdam Science Park, offering a modern, cost-effective way to peer with some of the largest networks in the world. With its nimble, yet powerful design, the Asteroid platform sets a new standard for IXPs.

“Asteroid believes in keeping things simple,” explains Andy Davidson, CTO at Asteroid. “We don’t compete with our customers, we don’t over-engineer things, and we don’t overcharge. The Asteroid model allows peers to benefit from the competitive conditions of the market for their metro transport needs, reducing their overall cost of peering. It’s a win-win for everyone!”

The A2B Internet partnership offers reliable, high quality connectivity from EvoSwitch AMS1 as well as from Digital Realty (Wenckebachweg) to the Asteroid IXP in the NIKHEF Science Park.

“A2B Internet was an obvious partner for Asteroid to work with,” says Asteroid CEO Remco van Mook. “A2B Internet is a trusted name in the Netherlands peering industry. They understand interconnectivity, and they use their broad experience to help both small enterprises and established players with their IP and network management needs.”

The Dutch ISP A2B Internet is a very active player in the peering industry and a passionate participant in both national and international Internet industry events, such as the European Peering Forum, RIPE and NLNOG.

“We are very excited to partner with Asteroid,” says Erik Bais, CEO of A2B Internet. “Asteroid is challenging the current IXP paradigm with their cost effective, highly automated IXP, and they are responding to a genuine need in the market. We are happy to work with them to further improve interconnectivity in the Netherlands.”

The A2B Internet partnership offers a 10GE wave connection from the two sites to the Asteroid IXP for €645/month.

To benefit from this offer, contact A2B Internet at:

For connectivity options from other locations in Amsterdam, contact:

About Asteroid

Asteroid is a global interconnection platform innovator. It operates neutral Internet exchange points (IXPs) worldwide, and works with trusted parties in local markets to deliver efficient, local interconnection.

The Asteroid IXP model is a return to the original spirit of simple, efficient interconnection but built on state-of-the-art technology, lightweight and scalable architecture, and advanced toolsets.

Asteroid IXPs provide a simple, modern and cost-effective way to peer with some of the largest networks in the world. With its nimble, yet powerful design, the Asteroid platform sets a new standard for IXPs.

Nurani Nimpuno, Asteroid CCO

Twitter: @Asteroidhq

About A2B Internet

A2B Internet is a privately held Dutch Internet Service Provider with a strong focus on its privately held data centric network. Founded in 2010, the company excels at IP routing, BGP and RIPE resource management, they have a strong focus on innovation and quality services in this competitive market.

A2B Internet manages network services for Enterprise SMB companies, carriers, hosting providers and ISPs in the Dutch market.

Erik Bais, A2B Internet CEO


Twitter: @A2BInternet

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