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Microsoft ExpressRoute

For companies that rely on a good and safe connection to the Microsoft cloud, A2B Internet now offers a Microsoft ExpressRoute service that creates more pleasant lives for many IT employees.

What is Microsoft ExpressRoute?

Microsoft ExpressRoute is a service that lets you create private links between Azure data centers and infrastructure at your location or at one of the data centers where A2B Internet has a PoP. Microsoft ExpressRoute connections are not made through regular internet and offer greater reliability, higher speed, lower latency and higher security than conventional connections to the Microsoft Azure cloud.

How does Microsoft ExpressRoute work?

Microsoft ExpressRoute allows you to connect your existing network to the Microsoft Cloud over a secure connection. With Microsoft ExpressRoute you can connect to Azure, Office 365 and CRM Online. Incoming data is free, and all outgoing data transfer is charged on the basis of a negotiated rate. Users also pay a fixed monthly fee for port usage (based on dual ports with high availability)


Once users connect to one of the Microsoft ExpressRoute locations, they can easily connect to other locations in the same geographical area without the Premium Add-on and without extra costs beyond the existing subscription. For example, customers in the US can send and receive data from any Azure region in the US without additional costs beyond their existing subscription. This also applies to customers connected to an ExpressRoute in Europe, they can send and receive data from any Azure region in Europe without additional costs beyond the regular subscription fees.

To find out if this solution is right for you, contact A2B Internet.

Frequently Asked Questions about Microsoft ExpressRoute

Can I manage my Microsoft ExpressRoute myself?
If you have that ambition, this is one of your options. You can also choose to have A2B Internet manage the connection.

Does the connection lie within my SLA?
We can provide you this option in a suitable offer.

Are there any limits on volumes?
There are no limits for Microsoft ExpressRoute. Just as with traditional connectivity services, you are required to commit to a specific volume.

Why choose Microsoft ExpressRoute and A2B Internet?

Our core business is to quickly and safely bring your data from A to B. Our services can be found in every traditional and hybrid solution. A2B Internet has chosen to add Microsoft ExpressRoute to its portfolio due to popular demand from its customers.

The development of Microsoft Azure and the growth of hybrid cloud environments provide a clear customer need for connections outside the mainstream data center network. As a network participant, A2B Internet is offering its services in facilitating your connection. You can count on A2B Internet to provide you with quick and secure access to your applications and ensure the continuity of your business.

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