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All services available from A2B connected data centers

At A2B Internet we do not build sand castles. We are intrigued to pick up projects that are too complex for other network providers.

Our company DNA is focused on connectivity. Next to a number of data center connectivity services we have developed multiple in-house data center solutions based on our philosophy of pushing boundaries, ensuring security, stability, and utilizing proven technology. This attitude has allowed us to create trustworthy services and solutions that are unique in the market.

A2B Internet is situated at all key Dutch data centerhubs. Based on this position we are capable of delivering a comprehensive network with complete Service Level Agreements. The connectivity between our network of data centers is completely redundant. Based on our network we can offer an availability agreement of 99,999%:

  • Every data center is connected using two separate paths
  • We make use of the EAPS ringprotocol in order to guarantee a redundant path. In case of an emergency or interruption paths will be switched in less than 50 ms
  • Each data center is connected with 2 redundant switches
  • The switches are configured based on passive/active configuration
  • This configuration can be built between duplicate data centers

High quality connectivity is a need in any data center. The right connectivity makes the difference when it comes to security, latency, and is a major influence for user experience.

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