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With service availability and security becoming key to business success in the market, our clients invest in fall-back and backup sites. A2B Internet can offer you various solutions to meet your security and availability requirements. We help you build connections between data centers and offices in order to be prepared for any migration.


Why move to a data center instead of working in the cloud? The cloud is everywhere. Everywhere is the cloud. Depending on your IT requirements you could consider making serious use of it. Question remains if part of your applications are better off in the cloud or in your capable care?

Colocation is a suitable alternative to companies that value quality and want to keep costs low. With a data center (power, connectivity, scalability and certificates) you will have more guarantees than within your own office.

A2B Internet can supply you with colocation solutions in cooperation with our partners. Depending on your budget, technical expectations and estimated power use we will help you select the right partners.

Why use A2B Internet in cases like this:

  • We know the market well and we do not have any interest with the different parties
  • We are familiar with all their contracts and we can help you be succesful
  • We will provide you with the best connectivity offers on the market

When using A2B Internet network you can use connectivity inside and outside of the main cities.

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