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Internet Access

A2B Internet offers both national and international connectivity from our data centers. It does not matter if you prefer a 1Gbps network with a small commitment or multiple 10Gbps ports, you will always be procuring a high level internet connection with SLA possibilities. If required we can provide you with or develop additional redundancy measurements. Billing will be done based on the globally used principle of 95% percentile.

Our redundantly set up network allows us to offer a wide selection of data center solutions to meet your availability requirements. Additionally, it offers you the opportunity to scale your 1 Gbps ports slowly. This way you will never pay more than necessary. Should you run out of the required IP space needed for your setup we can help you cover these as well. A2B Internet offers both IPv4 and IPv6 IP space.

We offer an out-of-band solution aimed at management and maintenance needs.

Out of Band management

At A2B Internet we can help you build connectivity within your data center that needs to be distributed outside your own network.

Our ethernet based out-of-band service is your ideal match in combination with UTP or Fiber connections. This connection joins you into a seperate network aimed at out-of-band management. Our out-of-band network is focused on non-regular internet connections. Access ports to our out-of-band network are based on 1 Gbps ports with a 100 Mbit/s commitment.

These networks are most commonly used for monitoring services, VPN/RDP management, SSH services and software updates.

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