We are your partner in IP-services like IP-Transit and LIR management

IP Services

A2B Internet can supply you with required IP addresses to run and manage your network and its security settings. We are a RIPE NCC Local Internet Registrar (LIR) member. This means we can supply you with required IP addresses for hosting and connectivity.

Because RIPE NCC and ARIN have a limited amount of IP addresses we have started a second company called Prefix Broker. The company is a licensed distributor and broker for the ARIN, RIPE NCC and APNIC region. All RIR’s (Regional Internet Registries) are out of IPv4 addresses. Licensed distributors are permitted to broker in the trade of IPv4 addresses for companies looking to sell. Please contact us in case you require more IPv4 addresses. Together we will determine the most appropriate route.

IP Transit

Did you already procure connectivity services at a data center but are looking for a secondary network supplier? Contact A2B Internet for a competitive offer.

Our network is based on carefully selected Tier-1 providers that are combined with our own AMS-IX connections. This combination and procurement strategy will ensure the best connectivity with a low latency and fastest routes in the market.

A2B Internet also offers the possibility to connect into different Tier-1 providers using our backbone when they are not present in your data center. This solution provides you a wider variety of data centers to choose from and also lets you pick a more diverse mix of carriers.

LIR Management

Since the launch in 2002 A2B Internet has been an active member in the RIPE community. We have supported and participated in writing policies and procedures for RIPE NCC and the RIPE community.

  • Removal of multihomed requirement for IPv6 PI
  • Resource Certification ( RPKI ) for non-RIPE NCC Members
  • Allow IPv4 PI transfer
  • Allow IPv6 transfers
  • Allow AS number transfers
  • Currently under discussion – General RIPE Resource Transfer Policies

Given our experience with and knowledge of RIPE policies and procedures we have been engaged in distribution of new IP addresses and AS numbers to our clients independent of whether they are already using our network solutions.

We take a lot of pride in our involvement in the RIPE community. We gladly consult on RIPE related activities and share the knowledge within the field.

Contact us today if you are in need of a consultation!

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