Virtual ISP due to the ISP in a box concept

A simple and flexible solution for a fully installed and managednetwork

Virtual ISP: ISP in a Box

Networks are a crucial part of any business and need to be implemented and managed professionally. With the increasing demand for services like Microsoft Azure, connecting to internet exchange and more redundancy, multihoming services have also become more popular in order to connect systems to multiple network infrastructures. To achieve this, organisations are in need detailed knowledge of the hardware, of carrier networks and of Border Gateway Protocol environments. Many organisations lack the capacity for this, while they would also struggle with the long turnaround of implementation and change projects for physical networks.

ISP in a Box by A2B Internet offers a simple and flexible solution for a fully implemented and fully managed network. A2B has developed ISP ion a Box for medium sized organizations in need of a fully managed BGP setup. These include specialized organizations that don’t want to face the costs associated with running their own BGP environment, such as hosters, healthcare organisations, cloud providers, government and software vendors. ISP in a Box allows them to acquire the needed technical skills as a service.

ISP in a Box operates as a virtual ISP, offering specialised ISP services integrated with services offered by A2B. It includes a user-friendly interface, allowing users to quickly and simply make changes to their networks.


Virtual ISP

Juniper’s vMX router is a software based solution offering all the features of the hardware based MX Series routers. Running the same Junos operating system as the MX Series and offers the same environment, including the same features, management capabilities and filter options. The vMX is supported by 20 years of continuous software development by Juniper, offering users the same excellent stability that solutions by Juniper are known for.

A2B Internet complements the virtual network environment with its own software. A web based interface allow users to add new VLANs, configure filters, set up BGP peering or connect to services like AWS. A2B Internet’s software generates the appropriate network configuration and handles further provisioning of the network.

A2B Internet offers ISP in a Box as a bundle that includes hardware, operating system, application software and the implementation. A2B Internet can also manage the network as desired. The customer retains all ownership and can always take back management.


Customers retain independence as the network remains their property, and therefore retain buyer’s advantage. They can easily switch providers as there is no lock-in, improving the customer’s negotiating position on price and service.

Being in full control over their networks and not having to buy everything from one provider also means that customers retain their flexibility. They can decide for themselves whom to connect, which connections to buy from other providers and how to organise routing. This simplifies organisational growth management, offering of new services and improving service quality.

Customers get increased scalability thanks to the automation of the environment. They can easily switch in cases when dedicated hardware becomes more viable due to continuing growth. All they need to do is acquire Juniper hardware and transfer the settings. Because vMX is fully compatible with the physical router, the software does not need to be altered in any way.

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