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A2B Internet offers various solutions of internet connectivity for office and residential areas:

  • Fiber optics
  • DSL
  • Extended ethernet

We solely specialize in connectivity related solutions. Thanks to our privately owned network connected into strategic datacenters we are equipped to deliver your data in a quick and secure manner.

Our customers choose us because we value security, availability and provide a range of additional services related to connectivity. We provide added value by creating an ecosystem of available connectivity offerings. We are your trusted partner with regard to privacy, connectivity, innovation and Internet of Things.

With a wide portfolio of connectivity services we offer vast range of solutions to provide your office or datacenter locations with internet connectivity. A2B Internet can design and implement tailored solutions to fit your company needs. Should you have any questions about security, flexibility or data analytics, please ask – our experienced consultants are ready to help.

“We get interested when a project is too complicated for traditional telecom companies or carriers.”

Erik Bais,
Managing Director A2B Internet

Glasvezel van A2B Internet


A fiberglass connection is interesting for frequent internet users. It offers a wide degree of scalability for businesses that intensively use phone lines and internet and require a fast and reliable connection.

Fiberglass becomes interesting at around a 100 Mbit/s. There is an ongoing trend of changing requirements when it comes to watching television. People are increasingly using smartphones, tablets and laptops to watch online content. With the rise of online content streaming providers, such as Netflix, we are getting used to 24/7 availability and require spotless connectivity for business and private needs.

DSL van A2B Internet


Where fiber is not readily available, a DSL connection serves as a cost-effective alternative. With DSL you will often get lower installation costs, and will have to compromise on bandwidth flexibility. DSL is equipped to handle moderate internet usage needs. You can get a DSL connection installed through your existing phone lines.

There are several variations of DSL available depending on your location. For example, ADSL (letter A stands for asymmetric) means receiving data is faster than sending data out. ADSL is most commonly used in the consumer market. With SDSL (symmetric DSL) the bandwidth is the same whether receiving or sending data. This form of connectivity is considered most efficient for companies transferring a lot of critical data via internet.

The latest technological developments of DSL bonding and vectoring have increased the speed and stability of the connection. A2B Internet was one of the first companies to deliver vectored DSL. Using this technology it is possible to get speeds of up to 200 Mb/s downstream and 60 Mb/s upstream. When choosing the DSL connectivity at A2B Internet, the DSL line will be exclusively dedicated to your company and not shared with any other users.

To ensure higher speed, the majority of DSL connections in the Netherlands have redundancy and are therefore connected for bonding, whereas vectoring compensates for the static on the DSL line. To do this successfully continuous status updates are being exchanged between the client modem and the provider.

200 Mb/s not enough for your business? Ask us for a suitable alternative!

Ethernet van A2B Internet

Extended Ethernet

If you require more bandwidth but your location has limited technical options, consider using extended ethernet for higher connection speed.

Extended ethernet connection is based on piled DSL lines which allow to consume more bandwidth. Your single DSL connection will be transformed into extended ethernet.

If you are interested in extended ethernet connectivity, we can advise you on the possibilities in your location.

Netwerkbeheer A2B Internet

Network Management

A2B Internet offers a variety of support services:

  • BGP Management: BGP is the most important protocol for companies that want to route traffic over different suppliers. BGP offers you more control and you can adjust your routes to guarantee the fastest and best delivery. With BGP you are independent of 3rd party suppliers.
  • IP Management: To achieve visibility for your office server you require IP addresses. A2B Internet is certified to distribute IP addresses within their network. Should you require large amounts IP addresses we would refer you to our sister company Prefix Broker.
  • Network management: At your request we can manage your complete network. This way your engineers can focus on servers and office applications.

A2B Internet is offering complete end-to-end solutions with a fitting SLA for connectivity within and outside your offices.

What are the advantages of the A2B Connect network?


IPv4 en IPv6 implementatie

IPv4 and IPv6 Implementation

A2B Internet is one of the key specialists when it comes to IPv6 migrations. As a network provider we see a growing urgency for network equipment compliance checks for the adoption of IPv6.

There are increasingly more complications surrounding IPv4 – lack of IP addresses, overflow of protocols, and security. With IPv6 gaining traction as the next generation IP standard, it is essential to prepare for the IPv6 implementation to ensure business continuity and growth.

A2B Internet has in-house knowledge and resources to support your migrations. Depending on your infrastructure, migrations can be done with zero downtime. Our network experts can advise you on making your network “IPv6 ready”.

Managed LIR Service

LIR Management

Since the launch in 2002 A2B Internet has been an active member in the RIPE community. We have supported and participated in writing policies and procedures for RIPE NCC and the RIPE community.

Given our experience with and knowledge of RIPE policies and procedures we have been engaged in distribution of new IP addresses and AS numbers to our clients independent of whether they are already using our network solutions.

We take a lot of pride in our involvement in the RIPE community. We gladly consult on RIPE related activities and share the knowledge within the field.

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