Datacenter Noord-Holland

Datacenter Noord-Holland is located in Alkmaar, the Netherlands. From here it offers local service in a personal way. For companies in the area of Alkmaar that need reliable national connectivity and availability at an affordable price, Datacenter Noord-Holland is the preferred choice.

Datacenter Noord-Holland came into existence with ‘by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs’ in mind. Local network specialists, hosting companies and cloud suppliers started to cooperate and offer their services to customers with one goal: reliable storing of data and ICT infrastructure.

To this end Datacenter Noord-Holland uses state-of-the-art technologies. Its data center is fully redundant equipped, carrier neutral, scalable and has the highest security standards. In addition the high-capacity power supplies and cooling installations in combination with a floor that sustains heavy-weight pressure, Datacenter Noord-Amerika is an excellent choice for high-density solutions.

Datacenter Noord-Holland takes sustainability and respect for the environment serious. This was taken into account when it made the choice for the current data center in Alkmaar. For its power needs this location uses energy from sustainable sources like biomass, wind and solar energy.

The data center is equipped with a meet-me room in which telecommunication companies may offer their services. In this room customers of Datacenter Noord-Holland have access to various connectivity options for their IT infrastructure, for instance fibre, UTP, IP transit and dark fibre. Among others the redundant network of A2B Internet is available for the customers in this location. Connections are easily and quickly established.

For additional services Datacenter Noord-Holland cooperates with partners. Together they have extensive knowledge and expertise of the complete ICT industry. Among others they offer service and support to the customers of Datacenter Noord-Holland for both software and hardware solutions.