The Naughty Port Anti-DDOS solution

A2B Internet created their own anti-DDOS solution – Naughty Port®. Naughty Port® is a cost effective alternative to a scrubbing center and focuses on isolating and minimizing harmful traffic from other Internet Exchange peers.

Instead of creating additional capacity we limit the amount of harmful traffic by creating a chokepoint. Through a chokepoint we can ratelimit or ACL the traffic while having minimal impact on the rest of the traffic. By basing our Naughty Port® on public records we can offer this service to third parties in order to better protect their networks.

After some time you will start to anticipate and recognize entities that are most likely to cause you DDOS attacks. If you are a peering manager, network engineer or abuse manager, we would like to talk to you about our platform and what you can do to limit costs and abuse coinciding with DDOS attacks.



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