Digital Realty

Digital Realty is a globally active company and has more than 150 data centers in 11 countries. In The Netherlands Digital Realty is present at four locations in Amsterdam and Hoofddorp.

Originally Digital Realty was fully focussed on the design, build and management of data centers but nowadays connectivity and colocation including numerous services around these products have become at least equally important.

In the field of connectivity Digital Realty offers services for cross connect, metro connect and internet exchange. In the case of cross connects direct connections within a data center are established. For a metro connect data centers in a metropolitan area are coupled to each other by means of a fibre network. Digital Realty does not offer this service solely for its own data centers but provides connectivity of her locations with third-party data centers as well.

Important proposition of the current portfolio is the Connected Campus of Digital Realty. Part of this is an infrastructure called the Service Exchange. Here providers of cloud services, network connectivity, carriers and also organisations such as financial institutions offer their portfolios. It allows customers to establish connections in a quick and efficient manner. As a consequence they are able to scale, change providers or test new technologies easily and in a flexible way.

Currently Digital Realty has added colocation services to the Connected Campus proposition. Customers can rent server racks or private suites that are completely equipped according to the requirements of the customer. By locating the IT infrastructure at the Connected Campus customers maximize the benefits of the facility. Direct connections reduce latency and increase throughput. More over, the network architecture to create hybrid cloud environments is less complex by colocation.