EFX (Eindhoven Fiber eXchange)

The goal of EFX (Eindhoven Fiber eXchange) is to connect local, regional and interregional communication networks. In order to realize this EFX facilitates an open, neutral and independent market place to mediate between service providers, networks, including fibre, and end users.

Entrepreneurs and organizations that make use of EFX, create for themselves in an open and independent manner access to service providers and are no longer dependent on the connectivity of those companies. In this way competition is encouraged and customers can profit from attractive propositions.

At the EFX several business areas and networks with fibre connectivity are present. Companies and organizations that are connected directly or via these fibre providers, are able to make use of a large number of services that are offered by connected providers.

EFX is connected to three data centers in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Furthermore access to EFX is possible in Helmond, ‘s-Hertogenbosch and Tilburg as well. Data can be shared safely and efficiently between the various locations and providers. These services need only to be purchased once in a central location. One external internet connection and one external telephone line are then sufficient.

EFX is coupled to NDIX in a transparent way. Service providers and companies that are connected to both networks, may very easily, reliably and safely exchange data without any additional configuration, installation or action.