Equinix offers global services for interconnection and connectivity, data centers and colocation. Equinix has 150 data centers in 41 markets on 5 continents. In The Netherlands Equinix has offices in Amsterdam and Enschede. Its data centers are located in Zwolle, Enschede and Amsterdam. From the Amsterdam facility the data center is able to reach 80 percent of Europe within 50 milliseconds.

For its portfolio of interconnection and connectivity solutions Equinix has included services for internet exchange, metro connect and cross connect. For the internet exchange service customers have access to more than 1000 peering networks in 19 locations in the world . Some of the important internet exchanges are AMS-IX and NL-ix in Amsterdam and LINX in London.

For its cross connect service Equinix has so-called IBX data centers. In such a data center servers are interconnected by a dense network. This reduces latency significantly and increases performance enormously.

The metro connect service connects several of these IBX data centerrs with each other. By means of this customers have direct access to providers of cloud services, content delivery networks and also many other companies such as financial institutions for instance.

Recently Equinix has added to its portfolio the Cloud Exchange. By this service Equinix provides globally connections between service providers of cloud environments and end users. Companies can establish direct-access connections with any cloud provider that they wish to engage. The Cloud Exchange allows for a quick and efficient way of creating secure hybrid cloud solutions. By means of this companies are able to maximize the benefits of cloud services. For this service Equinix cooperates with all big cloud companies such as Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud Platform.