The national institute of subatomic physics Nikhef is an open organisation with an international focus and strong technical interest. At the institute approximately 150 physicists and 75 engineers and technicians are employed. Nikhef is mainly known for its participation in international experiments of particle physics, like the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Geneva, and astrophysics, for instance the research of cosmic radiation and gravitational waves.

Right from the beginning of the development of internet scientists and technicians of Nikhef have been involved. The motivation for this was to make distributed information and data files accessible in an easy and quick way. The first website of Nikhef was already in 1992 live and together with the the websites of CERN and SLAC they were at that time the only three websites in the whole world.

From the same need Nikhef housing has been established, a data center with a focus on connectivity. Nikhef housing is one of the largest internet gateways in Europe and it offers its services to more than 140 companies and organisations. These include the biggest inter exchange AMS-IX, but also internet exchanges such as NL-ix and NDIX, telecom operators, carriers and internet service providers. Several key internet services are also located in the data center of Nikhef, such as an F-root server of ISC and country code TLD name servers.

The services offered by the data center of Nikhef are also available for other external customers. They may use the colocation services and rent rack space.

Nikhef housing is a AMS-IX certified data center that is modern, reliable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The data center reuses for example its waste heat for heating of student housing at the Science Park Amsterdam and it uses 100% green electricity.