NLDC Data Centers

NLDC is the largest Dutch provider of data center services. From the Amsterdam metropolitan area and various rapidly growing regional hotspots, including Groningen, Rotterdam and Eindhoven, they offer both carrier and cloud-neutral flexible data center and colocation services. With a total floor area of ​​28,000 m2 and 22.5 MW of installed capacity, fast implementations of services is day to day business for them.

Low-latency connectivity

The Netherlands is the international gateway to Europe. At the shores of our country, important intercontinental submarine internet cables land that connect the world with the European continent. That’s one of the main reasons the Netherlands is home to the most advanced data centers in Europe. NLDC acts as the primary digital gateway to the European market and offers low-latency connectivity with connection to the largest internet exchange ecosystem in the world.


Continuous innovation in the data centers ensures an uptime track record of 99.99999%. All Tier III datacenters have Tier IV additions that provide the reliability of the services with an unshakeable foundation. The datacenter in Eindhoven is Tier IV certified and offers the highest possible operational reliability in the Netherlands.

Customer focused flexibility

NLDC offers tailor-made datacenter capacity tailored to both cloud providers and the business market. With flexible solutions and integration with cloud infrastructures, they meet continuously changing requirements and ensure an optimal connection between the business market and cloud providers. This not only adds value to organizations, but also maximizes safety and reliability.

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