The Datacenter Group

The Datacenter Group has been founded in 2007 and it offers colocation, connectivity and twin data center services. The focus of The Datacenter Group is on 100 percent availability, security, sustainability, an excellent climate control and an uninterrupted energy supply.

The Datacenter Group has two Tier III data centers in Amsterdam and Delft. They are connected to each other by means of a redundant fibre network. All services offered by providers are therefore available both in Amsterdam and Delft. Because of its geographically separated data centers The Datacenter Group is able to offer a twin data center solution by means of which availability and resilience are enhanced by storing data at distinct locations.

In view of its strong and deliberate focus on colocation services The Datacenter Group has developed a special partner program. This is the so-called Technology Partnership in which internet service providers and other companies as well have maximum freedom and ample opportunity to offer their services to customers of The Datacenter Group.

In this way a market place within its data centers has been created. The Datacenter Group itself has only a facilitating role and considers it as its job to bring supply and demand together.

The Datacenter Group informs and supports customers in order to achieve the optimal choice from the offerings. That varies from consultancy on network and IT architecture, system software, high-performance hosting, database and application optimization and issues of cloud environments and VMware.

In case a provider or partner is not yet present in the data centers of The Datacenter Group, it can help to negotiate so that the company will offer its services also at The Datacenter Group.