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VDB Computers

VDB Computers have been managing and offering online (cloud) services. Examples of these are online back-up, hosted exchange, webhosting and VoIP. All services are distributed over the A2B Internet network.

VDB Computers has chosen to team up with A2B Internet deliberately. Key choices where made because of their portfolio and creativity. Working with A2B Internet brought along speed agility that has led to a successful business model.


Nebula-Online is an ICT service provider dedicated to office automation services such as Hosted Exchange, Hosted Desktop and Cloud. Where previously all services where located in-house, these days everything is in the cloud. Employees are no longer held by traditional constraints. Offices are location and time independent. The cloud has become essential and has a dominant place in every organization.

Nebula Online: “We’ve advised our clients to start the virtualization of their offices because of the opportunities in cost savings when it comes to procurement, management and energy usage.”

For a majority of the hosted desktop solutions local internet connections where delivered by A2B Internet based on DSL and Ethernet. Nebula Online is also starting to resell additional services provided via our portal.

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